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THE SPIRIT OF RACING lies deep within everyone of the KALMAR Automotive team, thus we very pound to tell that we build and test our cars inside an actual FIA approved racetrack in north-eastern Scandinavia. The facility also include off-road area and gravel tracks. This means we can offer potential customers to test our cars in a safe environment before you make you your mind. When you order a KALMAR Automotive car you are invited to join when testing of your car starts. After receiving your car, you are always welcome back to enjoy it at the race, gravel and off road track. Where else do you get such option?

At KALMAR Automotive we do not have an assembly line as all is done by hand which gives customers a unique flexibility. Each car-build is allocated to a bespoke “carchief” that oversees all work on the car and basically adopts the car and holds on to it until it is handed over to the new caring owner. A unique source of knowledge who the customer can contact directly during the entire process and beyond. We believe in a personalized service.

My life is basically all about cars one way or the other. I feel so privileged to be able to work with and from my passion and hobby. Having been involved with many aspects within the automotive industry, ranging from prototype development to driving concepts, it was just a matter of time before I finally established my own car brand.


The perfect car has never been built and it will never be! A car can be perfect in some very specific areas like a race car, but cannot handle all challenges to perfection. At KALMAR Automotive, we aim to build specialized cars that can be adapted to various purposes but what is the most important, you get exactly what you always desired. Our cars will not beat any lap records or set any top speed records, but they will exceed the scale when it comes to emotions and tailor-made perfection created just for you! Ferry Porsche once said “I could not find the car I always dreamed of. So I decided to build it myself”. KALMAR Automotive is about taking things one step further as we create YOUR dream car in a perfect combination of engineering and passion. We take donor cars and tailored them to fit perfectly for you, just like the coachbuilders of the past individualized cars for their owners. We are down to earth but dare to call the automotive haute couture.


We build YOUR car to YOUR wishes. It is not a bare ownership – it is the start of a life-long relationship. We initiate a history between you and the car. Each car we will follow so we keep adding to the story. “Enjoy the ride and please challenge us to create the cars of your dreams”.


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