"To have our cars in the MY GARAGE facilities here in Denmark marks a big step forward for us at KALMAR Automotive. The entire process with selection an exclusive partner for Scandinavia went smooth and efficient which shows a tailormade fit. MY GARAGE is a young vibrant operation with a big heart and lots of passion, and I think it fair to say we feel the same about KALMAR Automotive. At MY GARAGE we have all we could ever ask for, and their vision of collecting all the best partners in and around their facilities means we feel at home there”

Jan Kalmar, owner and founder of KALMAR Automotive.

There will often be KALMAR Automotive products in the MY GARAGE showroom in Vejle, Denmark. Feel welcome to book a private viewing and explore the handmade universe possible with the cars, not only if are looking for a perfectly handmade backdated Porsche 911 but also if you always wanted a car being able to cross deserts or go intoxicating fast over snow and ice. All is possible with these cars.

Common for all the cars from KALMAR Automotive is they are handmade just for you, contact the team at MY GARAGE and start the journey.