CANEPA & KALMAR Automotive

“It is with humbling respect that we proudly announce our first Dealer. Canepa will exclusively represent KALMAR Automotive in North America for sales and service. We are looking very much forward to the cooperation as the entire Canepa story lies so close to our vision and it turned out to be a perfect match. Bruce knows his stuff and will just like 9X Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen do, give us even more motivation to produce top class products which even exceeds expectations.”

Jan Kalmar, owner and founder KALMAR Automotive.

The production has started of the first cars for Canepa as “KALMAR 7-97 Canepa Edition”, when they see the light of day, everyone will understand how Bruce pushed the bar even higher as his sense for details and racing pedigree made him the perfect partner.

Looking at Canepa’s other brands and their own production, a better representative does not exist in North America. The vision of delivering Automotive Haute Couture fits perfectly so stay tuned for something truly unique.

The cars will be in the Scotts Valley as soon as they finishes the 1000’s of handcraft hours, so if you are interested in a handmade bespoke car made just for you, contact the team at Canepa and start the journey.