THE KALMAR RALLY SPECIAL is ”designed for adventure”. We all know that an air-cooled Porsche 911 is a superbly engineered car, but at KALMAR Automotive we take things further.


The concept started as our sister companies Beyond Adventure and Spirit of Speed needed durable rally cars for their high-end adventures and winter programs.


We have re-engineered the well-proven Porsche 964 and 993 so that they can be used in environments normally not visited by the road going Porsches The cars were chosen due to their near perfect mix of modern and classic. It did not take long before the customers discovered the astonishing capabilities of these amazing cars.


We at KALMAR Automotive were given the task to create a car that within a single day could be converted from a capable ice racer to a track day car or a desert cruiser.


That is exactly what we have created with the KALMAR RS, a car that, with minor adjustments, work beautifully not only on a race track but is also ready to conquer icy forest rally roads and will not get stopped by sand or gravel when you leave the beaten track. It was not an easy task but the team at KALMAR Automotive cracked the code. The results are truly impressive.


And now we are ready to welcome customers ready to take their Porsche beyond anything they had previously imagined!. Whilst significant parts of the car remain standard, our main focus is on weight reduction, safety, and protection.


As with all KALMAR Automotive cars, the specification is fully up to you. We will build the car of your dreams.


THE EXTERIOR  of the KALMAR RS is purpose-built to be used in harsh environments, and it will show you just how hard an environment is possible with a 911 - Prepare to be amazed!


We can build you a “better than new” KALMAR RS but for most owners these cars are primarily meant as a high performance overland driving “tool” in the middle of nowhere, or on a track made of ice, tarmac, mud, gravel, or any and all of the above! - so maybe not make it too shiny. The core of the KALMAR RS is a car where durability and excitement are paramount.

The body width of the KALMAR RS remains standard and all body panel remains ”all steel”. Main visual differences are due to our own developed roof-mounted tire carrier and the protection bars front and rear holding the underbody protection. Adding extra lighting improves both the looks of the car and to its night driving capabilities.


The lift is created with a combination of bigger special off-road tires, KALMAR Automotive developed shock absorbers and spaced subframes.


Result is a super-cool looking car which is very capable in all sorts of terrain.



THE INTERIOR Weight plays a vital role for the KALMAR RS to unlock performance especially on the track, desert, and ice.


Whilst for the urban driver the interior may appear spartan, many KALMAR RS adventurers are likely to used their cars in harsh environments - and then a pared-down interior brings huge advantages.


Air-conditioning is standard and a must if the car is used for long overland drives and our optional Recaro seats are strongly recommended too. A rear roll bar is standard for your safety. If high performance is the goal, the car can be taken to further extremes with full race seats and lightweight windows and, if you choose, removal of the air-conditioning system.


If rallying is your target, we can fit the car with all the required safety and competition equipment including full roll cage, fly-off handbrake and trip-master timing systems.


Our team includes all of the specialist engineers and craftsmen you’ll need to make it all happen. And should your dream include a high-end KALMAR RS with a bespoke leather interior then this is also an available option.


As with every car that rolls out of KALMAR Automotive, every KALMAR RS is unique, bespoke, and just for you!


THE HEART is what we internally called our driveline. The KALMAR RS offers a wide variety of upgrades as usual with Porsche cars and in addition, we are ready to go all the way with our own parts and development.


All moving components has been checked, but the KALMAR RS is not stripped 100% unless requested from you. One reason is we fear that if we make a perfect looking car, you wont want use in the rough conditions it is prepared for.


Engine starts as 3,6 L boxer but we can offer a limitless variation of engine specification. The gearbox is revised and fitted with a limited-slip differential to ensure traction. 5 speed or 6 gearboxes are available.


Suspension is ”our thing”, we have with our close suspension partner created a concept that can cover all kinds of surfaces in different ride heights. All components are race specification and fully adjustable.


We lift the car in total close to 10 cm and have a ground clearance of 20 cm in total in the maximum height.


Brakes are kept standard to allow 15” wheels for our special off-road tires and ice tires. But let us assure you they are more than sufficient after the cars have been on our diet.


THE PROCESS of design, development, and production go hand in hand at KALMAR Automotive so there is not a long wait from the initial idea to reality on your KALMAR RS. We have developed a car to help you to write your own adventure stories. A team of in-house craftsman and countless specialist suppliers are all ready to create your car. Each car is built by hand and the “rebirth” takes place in our workshop and at our “own” test tracks.


Donor cars are the core pillar in every build. You need to supply the donor car and we check it carefully before the process starts.


We have created the KALMAR RS on the basis of both Porsche 964 and 993 donor cars to be able to offer a car that runs and starts like a modern car but still with instantly recognisable classic Porsche DNA.


If you want to test a KALMAR RS before you make up your mind, we happily invite you to our “Basecamp” where the cars can be tested in off-road and track conditions – and if you want to have experience driving on the ice, then sign up for our ”Spirit of Speed by Tom Kristensen” Winter Training sessions. Words are not enough – this is a car you need to drive!


Car configuration at KALMAR Automotive is a conversation, not just an online tool. Building a KALMAR car is a truly bespoke process where we involve you in as many aspects as you wish. It all starts with hearing directly from you about your wishes and desires. Then we look at what is possible and we have learned that just about anything is possible! A build normally takes from 6-12 months depending on what specifications you aim for. But we are with you all the way with regular updates.


We offer new customers a “reference check” too – before the start of this process, you can contact an existing KALMAR car owner so that they can tell you all about their own experiences with the definition and build processes.


After 100s of man hours your car is ready for the first tests, and you are invited to join us as the most important test driver on our crew!


The base set-up is a very good starting point, but every customer has the option to make individual adjustments, we tune every car to the wishes of its new owner. And after you receive your car we hope you will join us on our ‘Beyond Adventures’ programme around the world.


INDIVIDUALIZATION is the key to all we do at KALMARAutomotive. As we hand build your KALMAR RS we are ready to be challenged by you to create your dream car, and we are ready to think out of the box with you. You define how far you want to go...


The main technical parameter to decide on is weight, you can define how far you want to go with weight reduction. There is around 50 kg to be saved in the removal of stock items like soundproofing, air-conditioning, in-car entertainment, and electric windows if you are ready to sacrifice them.


The last generations of the aircooled Porsches are very durable, but if you plan to use the KALMAR RS extra-hard we also offer an optional strengthened chassis.


Here are some of the key optional extras we offer, but in reality the list is limitless:




3.8-4.3 l engine

Full race engine with traction control

Drive train:

Leather-covered roll cage

Double Airbag

Body work/weight reduction:

Fully adjustable race ABS

993 Turbo brakes or Carbon Ceramic brakes

Center lock wheels with UHP tires

6 Speed Sequential with paddle shift

Carbon roof and doors

Carbon ”Duck-Tail” engine cover

Macrolon rear windows with modern fitting

Removal of all noise insolation



THE FACTS The KALMAR RS keeps the standard power unit with a mild tune at 265-300 hp depending on the donor car.


The starting point is the well-known, well-proven and bulletproof air-cooled engine.


From there we offer a wide variety of upgraded engine specifications all the way to over 400 HP with our naturally aspirated, high-revving race engines. If this is not enough we then can then start adding Turbo or supercharging options.


Performance is of course always important when you sit in a Porsche, but there is so much more to the KALMAR RS than top speed and 0-100 acceleration times. We call it adventure and here we are off the scale!




0-100 KM/H: 



From 1200 KG

From 250 hp

From 6,5 sec.​

From 180 KM and up