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THE KALMAR RALLY SPECIAL is ”designed for adventure”. We all know that an air-cooled Porsche 911 is a superbly engineered car, but at KALMAR Automotive we take things further.


The concept started as our sister companies Beyond Adventure and Spirit of Speed needed durable rally cars for their high-end adventures and winter programs.


We have re-engineered the well-proven Porsche 964 and 993 so that they can be used in environments normally not visited by the road going Porsches The cars were chosen due to their near perfect mix of modern and classic. It did not take long before the customers discovered the astonishing capabilities of these amazing cars.


We at KALMAR Automotive were given the task to create a car that within a single day could be converted from a capable ice racer to a track day car or a desert cruiser.


That is exactly what we have created with the KALMAR RS, a car that, with minor adjustments, work beautifully not only on a race track but is also ready to conquer icy forest rally roads and will not get stopped by sand or gravel when you leave the beaten track. It was not an easy task but the team at KALMAR Automotive cracked the code. The results are truly impressive.


And now we are ready to welcome customers ready to take their Porsche beyond anything they had previously imagined!. Whilst significant parts of the car remain standard, our main focus is on weight reduction, safety, and protection.


As with all KALMAR Automotive cars, the specification is fully up to you. We will build the car of your dreams.


THE EXTERIOR  of the KALMAR RS is purpose-built to be used in harsh environments, and it will show you just how hard an environment is possible with a 911 - Prepare to be amazed!


We can build you a “better than new” KALMAR RS but for most owners these cars are primarily meant as a high performance overland driving “tool” in the middle of nowhere, or on a track made of ice, tarmac, mud, gravel, or any and all of the above! - so maybe not make it too shiny. The core of the KALMAR RS is a car where durability and excitement are paramount.

The body width of the KALMAR RS remains standard and all body panel remains ”all steel”. Main visual differences are due to our own developed roof-mounted tire carrier and the protection bars front and rear holding the underbody protection. Adding extra lighting improves both the looks of the car and to its night driving capabilities.


The lift is created with a combination of bigger special off-road tires, KALMAR Automotive developed shock absorbers and spaced subframes.


Result is a super-cool looking car which is very capable in all sorts of terrain.



THE INTERIOR Weight plays a vital role for the KALMAR RS to unlock performance especially on the track, desert, and ice.


Whilst for the urban driver the interior may appear spartan, many KALMAR RS adventurers are likely to used their cars in harsh environments - and then a pared-down interior brings huge advantages.


Air-conditioning is standard and a must if the car is used for long overland drives and our optional Recaro seats are strongly recommended too. A rear roll bar is standard for your safety. If high performance is the goal, the car can be taken to further extremes with full race seats and lightweight windows and, if you choose, removal of the air-conditioning system.


If rallying is your target, we can fit the car with all the required safety and competition equipment including full roll cage, fly-off handbrake and trip-master timing systems.


Our team includes all of the specialist engineers and craftsmen you’ll need to make it all happen. And should your dream include a high-end KALMAR RS with a bespoke leather interior then this is also an available option.


As with every car that rolls out of KALMAR Automotive, every KALMAR RS is unique, bespoke, and just for you!