Build without compromise by KALMAR Automotive. Created to last a lifetime and even beyond, carefully blending the best of the analogue past, with the very best of the digital present, while aiming for the future.


The KALMAR 7-97 is our pioneer project and it holds a very special part in motorsport history. Tom Kristensen challenged us to create a tribute car to celebrate the victory that marked the start of his journey as a record-breaking Champion. He is known around the world as “Mr. Le Mans” - a title hard earned through a career that crowned him with a record nine overall victories at the biggest race in the world, the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The first of those wins came in a Joest Porsche, with racing number #7, in 1997. We worked closely with Tom to create the road car of his analogue dreams. Result is the KALMAR 7-97.


The process to realize a dream of a demanding racing perfectionist means we can now offer bespoke and personalized versions of your dream car too. Your KALMAR 7-97 will retain the pure DNA of the donor car, but at the same time will incorporate every detail you require to create your own unique dream car.


Whilst it is the Joest Porsche WSC95 victory in 1997 which ignited this project, the visual influence for the Kalmar 7-97 is the 1967 Porsche 911R, a lightweight - special produced in the year of Tom’s birth with additional styling clues from the legendary Porsche 911 ST.


To ensure performance, comfort and reliability, the underpinnings of the car come from the last of the air-cooled Porsches, the 964 and 993. Despite starting from the peak of the epic air-cooled Porsche era, we improve on hundreds of areas of the car, a journey that took three years from concept to delivery, resulting in the creation of a piece of automotive art. It is up to you if you will use it as your daily driver or a car for special occasions, as it does both to perfection.

Le Mans  Joest Porsche Tom K 1997-07-1 D

”It makes me proud to see Tom has made this car as a tribute to our victory at Le Mans 24 hour in 1997 with the Joest Racing WSC95 (Alboreto, Johansson und Kristensen). It was a unique time and another great victory for Joest Racing and obviously an important milestone in Tom’s career”

Reinhold Joest


THE EXTERIOR  of the Porsche 911 is dangerous to modify. Therefore we aim for small but powerful refinements with the option of further variations of our design. At the end of the day, we build your car, not our car!

Hundreds of modifications, both big and small, make up the KALMAR 7-97 and it takes hours to explore all of them even when you are looking closely – the overall effect though is stunning...

This is not a car that gives up its secrets easily, our aim was a perfect mix of 1960’s 911 influence combined with state-of-the-art modern technology. The 7-97 is not made for top-speed or fastest lap-times. Instead it is a car with passion and emotion at its core, producing what we call “Passionate Road Perfection”.

Whilst the sublime lines of the classic 911’s are even further enhanced, the 7-97 sticks to the lightweight heritage of the 911R but introducing modern comforts. This is achieved with the use of cutting-edge engineering and exotic modern materials creating a unique package. Every KALMAR 7-97 features our in-house designed and produced full carbon fiber bodywork.


Many unique design features have been created simply to retain and enhance the timeless classic look. The rear ”grill” was the starting point of the entire re-design as the target was a sleek design and remaining visually faithful to the original 911 design...


The classic Porsche DNA was a clear design target and styling cues from some of the most desired Porsche models are to be found in the KALMAR 7-97. The most obvious perhaps is the removal of the rain gutter, a feature which it shares with unique and now legendary exotic Porsches of the past.


THE INTERIOR is a chapter on its own. The choices are limitless as every detail is build, fitted and finished by hand. With hundreds of individual components creating the interior, you can only imagine how many combinations there are to make this your very own car.

Every surface, color and material is free for you to choose - only your imagination sets the limits. Staying faithful to the classic 911 does not mean you cannot have modern comfort. Our own climate system, a hidden Bluetooth audio system with phone charge option as well as rain-sensor and comfort indicator confirms this.

The steering wheel will be at the perfect position for you, with the wheel itself handmade to your precise specification regardless of whether you opt for an airbag-wheel, classic racing looks or a pure racing steering wheel. The iconic five dials remain but are made uniquely for the KALMAR 7-97 with your individual touches.

Seats are also free of choice with the selection including everything from designed and retrimmed original seats to super comfortable Recaro items, or you can select full-race bucket seats to save weight. All seats will be tailor made to fit you personally.

If you are looking for pure luxury then choose the leather covered carbon inserts or, alternatively, have the inserts painted in the car’s exterior color. And, you can retain the foldable rear seats made famous by the 911’s on all options. If pure performance is your target, then we can remove the rear seats and inserts and finish the inside chassis parts in high gloss exterior color both to keep the weight down and to add to the enjoyment of the engine sound.

Although we are very proud of our own design, it does not mean we are not open to new ideas even if it means major redesigns including digital instruments, or a racing inspired movable pedal box. As with everything we do – it will be unique, bespoke, and personalized just for you!


THE HEART of the KALMAR 7-97 is as configurable as the rest of the car, and the heart for us is the entire drivetrain. You can choose your own individual package suited to your needs.


Within our team, we have all the specialist knowledge needed to deliver anything from a comfortable GT-cruiser to a race-specification car for the road or even for the track.

When working with Porsche there is always a wide variety of upgrades available – but we dare to move things even further with our own developments. The result is that we can create the exact engine you always dreamt of. Our “base” 3.8 L vary in power from 330-350 Hp with great drivable power delivery. All moving parts have been either replaced or fully restored. Modern solutions are considered and implemented where it makes sense to do so. This includes our own KALMAR Automotive OBDII Engine Management System.

Weight distribution has played a major role in our development phase, and we are proud of the weight distribution we have reached with the help of many small details. For instance, an electrical air-conditioning unit that has made it possible not only to create a beautiful engine bay but has also helped to improve the overall weight distribution.

Suspension is “our thing”, so we have gone all the way with our partners to reach an ultimate set-up with a perfect mix of comfort and performance. All components are race specification, so expect super-direct neutral handling, but still a Porsche to drive. The unique handling is a result of modern methods using a dynamic damper rig, combining “old-school” testing with especially Tom Kristensen’s valued inputs to help us reaching the target. The power goes to the tires via a fully revised gearbox with a bespoke limited-slip differential to ensure great road holding. Five or six speed gearbox options are available.


Brakes have always been a Porsche’s strong point, and the same goes for the KALMAR 7-97. Choose between the original brakes which are more than sufficient especially after the KALMAR weight reduction, or aim for our own developed brake systems including a ceramic option. Welcome to the 21st century!


THE PROCESS of design, development, and production goes hand in hand at KALMAR Automotive so there is never long way from idea to reality on your KALMAR 7-97. We will create the car of your dreams!

Our team of craftsmen and countless suppliers are all ready to create your car. Each car is built by hand and the “rebirth” takes place at our workshop within our own test track.

Donor cars are the core pillar in every build for us. You need to supply the donor car, alternatively we can help you to source one. We check every car carefully before the process starts. We have created the KALMAR 7-97 so we can use either the Porsche 964 or 993 as donor cars. We chose these models as they offer modern features but also represent the classic air-cooled Porsche era. The 964 handling is Porsche old-school where the 993 does represent a major development step forward especially in handling.

Features including airbags, ABS, power steering, and air-conditioning. This might result in a few extra kilos but with enough power from the engine why not enjoy the safety and comfort? If however you opt for ultimate performance we will also take this to the next level!

Car configuration at KALMAR Automotive is a conversation, not just an online-tool. Building a KALMAR is a truly bespoke process where we involve you in as many aspects as you wish. It all starts with hearing your wishes and desires. Then we look at what is possible, and we have learned that just about anything is possible!

A build normally takes minimum 12 months depending on what specification you aim for. But we are with you all the way with regular updates. We offer new customers a “reference check” too – before the start of this process, you can contact an existing KALMAR car owner so that they can tell you all about their own experiences with the definition and build processes.


After several thousands of man-hours, your car is ready for the first tests, and you are invited to join! The Tom Kristensen-optimized suspension set-up is a very good starting point, but every customer has the option to tune their own suspension with us, just as you have the option to define and personalize every other aspect of your KALMAR 7-97.


INDIVIDUALIZATION is the key word with the KALMAR7-97. As we build your car, there is almost nothing left of the “base-product” and all is defined by you.

We are wanting to be challenged by you, to create your dream car and we are ready to think out of the box in order to achieve that. Colors, materials, powerplant and more – there is an endless amount of individualization available for you in the process of creating your own dream car. No wishes are too much for us to seek a solution for.

The main technical parameters to decide on, are power and weight, and you define how far you want to go with both. There is up to 100 kg to be saved in comfort items including soundproofing, air- conditioning, hifi-system, electric windows, seats, carbon features and exhaust if you are ready to sacrifice the comfort in the name of performance.

The KALMAR 7-97 is Automotive haute-couture, so the possibilities are in reality limitless. Here are a few options listed to initiate the dreams.


Drive train:

4.1 l engine + race exhaust

Full race engine with traction control

Fully adjustable race ABS

Carbon Ceramic brakes

Center lock wheels with UHP tires

6 Speed Sequential with paddle shift


Leather-covered roll cage

Double Airbag

Bodywork/weight reduction:

Carbon roof and doors

Carbon ”Duck-Tail” engine cover

Macrolon windows rear with modern fitting

Removal of all noise insolation


sergeizjuganov_IMG_1753 (2).jpg
_MG_9454 (1).jpg

THE FACTS. Performance is of course important on all sports cars, but there is so much more to the KALMAR 7-97 experience than top speed and 0-100 acceleration times. We call it passion and road perfection, and here we are off the scale!


The power plant is of course a key element in every car and the KALMAR 7-97 is no different. The starting point is our own 330 HP 3,8 L air-cooled flat-6 with 385 Nm of torque. Beyond that we offer our “triple-4” version with a 4.1 L engine producing over 400 Hp and 400 Nm from a naturally aspirated high revving race engine.

But it does not end here, you can choose from several sound options from our bespoke exhaust systems and engine mounts.


If the KALMAR 7-97 is the car of your dreams, then come to our test track and feel it for yourself as some things are too hard to explain – they must be felt.






POWER:                             0-100 KM/H:                   TOP SPEED: 


From 1090 kg Sport Version

From 1190 kg for Comfort Version

From 330 HP / 385Nm 

5 sec. 

Close to 300 km/h 

110 out of 100