THE KALMAR RS-R. “R” is for Radical, but in the RS-Rs’ case it is also  for ”real”! A car that will provide you with extraordinary experiences. 


This is our carbon fiber version of the KALMAR RS. An extreme machine with ultimate performance in mind. The custom-made carbon body provides the lightness and agility despite the additional support and protection.


But the KALMAR RS-R is more than looks from the  wider carbon bodywork. The car comes with a fully seam-welded chassis for strength and additional lifted suspension to make space for bigger tires.


The KALMAR RS-R is available with either rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive putting the power to the ground like few other cars. Whether that power comes from our upgraded 3,8 L flat-6, or the KALMAR Automotive “Tripple-4” with the 4.1 L engine is entirely up to you.


The KALMAR RS-R is built to be used in very hard conditions and has already been tested in extreme conditions across tracks not normally meant for sportscars and this with great results.


It offers huge fun and amazing driving experiences both on sand and gravel but, even more so, on the  winter ice rally stages.


But that’s not all, with just a few modifications it is a true racer for the track too - an automotive ”Swiss

Army Knife” with stunning performance on the road, on the track and in extreme conditions too. 


The KALMAR RS-R is a fully bespoke car built on our extensive experience from global overland drives, winter rally training and 1000’s of laps on tracks around the world.


THE EXTERIOR of the KALMAR RS-R is based on our KALMAR 7-97 which means 110 mm wider rear body work. 


The extra width of the bodywork is not “just for look”- it does allow bigger wheels and wider track for better handling. The result is superb – muscular but still very hamonic. But the main reason though is that the much lighter body panels increases performance and agility...


The iconic “ducktail” rear spoiler is needed to house the relocated radiator just like the extra intake snorkels feeds the engine with air so it can deliver its effortless power. Compared to the KALMAR 7-97 the new lower sections of the carbon fiber bumpers allows more ground clearance together with the huge off-road tires that also adds to the overall appearance.


The KALMAR RS-R is built with the philosophy of a race car. The entire bodyshell is, after being “baked” to remove all unwanted weight, then being seam welded for strength, together with many other strengthening measu res to prepare the car to perform on all desired surfaces.


The bespoke KALMAR Automotive roof tire-carrier and retro auxiliary light pod make this car truly unique. Simply a car fully able to deliver performance to match the visual promises it makes.


This is a performance car for all conditions, all roads, and plenty of places where there are no roads  at all.


This is the real deal!



THE INTERIOR of the KALMAR RS-R version is a fully bespoke car, so choices are limitless.


We can offer a wide range of options, from a lightweight version with a  painted bodyshell with carbon race seats and bare carbon roof, right up to the same luxury and comfort found in the KALMAR 7-97 with full use of premium leather and bespoke seats designed for comfort.


Safety is our main focus and here we offer several roll-cage options from a rear bolted system to a fully integrated cage designed for high-end racing series.


And, of course, these can be covered in the finest leather or be painted in the exterior color (or any other colour you wish)!


If professional-spec navigation units or rally-bred tripmaster systems are on your ‘must-have’ list that’s no problem either. This is the car of you dreams and we are ready to build it.


And the fly-off handbrake will surely put a smile on your face when the surface under you allows it!


THE HEART of the KALMAR RS-R as tailor made as the rest of the car. It is made for performance but here torque is above power. 


The entire drive train has been optimized for being able to run in heavy conditions not always in highest possible speed. With the KALMAR RS-R you can climb gravel hills and sand dunes that you would never dare in a modern SUV, and this with a car started its life as a sportscar. 


You can choose if your KALMAR RS-R shall be an adventure vehicle that covers 1000’s of expedition kilometers, the ultimate winter car or a track tool. Within our team, we have all the specialist knowledge needed to deliver anything you ever dreamt of. 


Our 3.8 L delivers huge torque in the RS-R and 345 Hp with great drivable power delivery. All moving parts have been either replaced or fully restored. Modern solutions are considered and implemented where it makes sense to do so. This includes our own KALMAR Automotive OBDII Engine Management System. 


Suspension is “our thing”. The subframe(s) have been lowered to make space for larger off-road tires, and our self-developed top-of-the-line adjustable shock absorbers allows a ground clearance of over 25 cm for sandy conditions. But with our concept we can almost magically lower the car so it will do very well on a race track too.


The power goes to the tires via fully revised gearbox with a bespoke limited-slip differential to ensure great road holding. Five or six speed gearbox options are available. 


For the off-road set up you will get 15” or 16” specially selected tires with the right profile for what you plan to use your car for. 


Many say that our RS an RS-R are the most comfortable Porsches they have ever driven.


THE PROCESS Design, development and production goes hand in hand at KALMAR Automotive – bringing your ideas, and ours experience to life happens quickly with your KALMAR RS-R.


We developed a car for you to write your own adventure stories. A team of in-house craftsman and countless specialist suppliers are all ready to create your car. Each car is built by hand and the “rebirth” takes place in our workshop and at our “own” test tracks.


Donor cars are the core pillar in every build. You need to supply the donor car and we check it carefully before the conversion process starts. We have created the KALMAR RS-R so we can use both Porsche 964 and 993 as donor cars. Result is a car that runs and starts like a modern car but still having the classic Porsche DNA. 


If you want to test a KALMAR RS-R before you make up your mind, we will arrange a private viewing of one of our customer cars. Car configuration at KALMAR Automotive is a conversation, not an online tool.


Building a KALMAR car is a truly bespoke process where we involve you in as many aspects as you wish. It all starts with hearing directly from you about your wishes and desires. Then we discover the possibilities, and we have learned that just about anything is possible!


A build takes ca. 12 months depending on what specifications you aim for, but we are with you all the way with regular updates.


We offer new customers a “reference check” too – before the start of this process, you can contact an existing KALMAR car owner so that they can share their experiences of the entire process.


After 1000’s of man-hours your car is ready for the first tests, and you are invited to join us as the most important test-driver. We have a good base set-up, but every customer has the option to make individual  adjustments, we tune every car to the wishes of its new owner. And after you receive your car we hope you will join us on our Beyond Adventures programs around  the world.


INDIVIDUALIZATION is the key to all we do at KALMAR Automotive. 


This applies in full-force to the KALMAR RS-R. Every car is fully hand built, so no “standard” model will come from us. 


We are ready to be challenged by you to create your dream car, and we are ready to think out of the box with you to achieve your dreams. You define how far you want to go...


As an example, one major technical parameter that you can decide on is weight, you can define exactly how far you want to go with weight reduction. There is around 50 kg that can be saved by removing “comfort” items including soundproofing, air-conditioning, in-car entertainment, and electric windows to help reach the “magic” 1100 Kg. This is the last step before a full race car. 


The countless combinations mean you will get 100% what you always dreamt of but the car will remain comfortable, road legal and useable in situations hardly imaginable. 


Here are some of the key optional extras we offer, but in reality the list is limitless:




4.1 L Full race engine with traction control

Drive train:

Full leather-covered roll cage

Body work/weight reduction:

Fully adjustable race ABS

993 Turbo

Center lock wheels with UHP tires

6 Speed Sequential with paddle shift 

Carbon roof

Carbon door

Lightweight windows

Lightweight exhaust system


Photo 19.07.21, 18 09 55_edit.jpg

THE FACTS The KALMAR RS-R starts with a 3,8 L upgraded air-cooled flat-6, starting from 345 HP but, as always with Porsche tuning, the sky is the limit power-wise.


We offer our own 4,1 L full-race “torque master” combined with our special exhaust system delivering over 400 HP and over 400 Nm of torque to ensure that you never run out of power whether on sand, ice, gravel or tarmac. 


The engine is set up with the ability to start uphill in loose surface due to the modified ratios for the gearbox and an engine that does work from the lowest possible rpm’s.  In addition, the tailor-made differential locks result in a car which offers performance, driveability and a fun-factor at levels never seen before.


Many efforts has gone into the cooling the car because of the full underbody protection which has added to the cooling challenge. Extra fans and extra openings in the carbon bodywork proved necessary during our harsh testing. The dual front oil coolers were needed to be able to climb the highest mountains within the desired temperature range especially for our KALMAR Automotive 4.1 L engine… delivering more than enough power for the less than 1200 kg car.




0-100 KM/H: 



From 1100 KG

From 345 hp

Not Important​


More than you dare