“R” in this case stands for “Radical”. This is the KALMAR Automotive’s way of saying “let’s leave the tarmac roads behind, and start exploring”. It has been created to satisfy near every demand of an off-roader, but still retaining the comfort and quality ride from it’s air suspension. 


The KALMAR CS-R is based on the first generation Porsche Cayenne. A car created with an extreme high level off engineering. Fitted with a strong drivetrain better suited for hardcore off-road driving. Something not carried over to the second generation Cayenne.


This generation Porsche Cayenne is stronger but it comes at a price, which is additional weight compared to the newer generations. Therefore with the KALMAR CS-R, we go to extreme measures to reduce weight, and have reached a weight saving of close to 200 kg after we have fitted all the extra protection. We worked hard to gain ground clearance via a number of areas. Bigger tires, but not so big that the car loses its well handling Porsche DNA. Mechanical suspension lift and subframe drop to retain workable angles of suspension and driveshafts. 


Whilst Porsche provides astonishing engineering in their factory-built cars, KALMAR Automotive takes things even further.  We convert the Cayenne into the car that has never been available to the public – one ready to be used far from the beaten track. 


The KALMAR CS-R concept arose from the experiences gained from the 100.000’s km on world record drives and automotive expeditions around the world. The CS-R had to have off-road abilities over and above the already very capable and well-proven KALMAR CS to enable the owner to go even further into the adventure. 


The KALMAR CS-R greatly benefits from the reduction gearbox and differential locks only available on the first generation Cayenne. The specifications of the donor car is highly important, options like off-road technology package, dynamic chassis control offered by Porsche provides an unrivaled basis for a superb off-road vehicle.


With the focus for the KALMAR CS-R on ground clearance, safety and protection, this car will take you to, and through, terrain that normally only the most extreme off-roaders could deal with - but the KALMAR CS-R does all of that, and adds the ability to perform on the tarmac road at high speeds and this with almost luxury road car comfort - a skill that no other car can match. 


As with all KALMAR Automotive cars, the KALMAR CS-R is hand-made which means you can decide on the precise specifications of your dream car, already here starts the adventure with your KALMAR CS-R.


THE EXTERIOR of the KALMAR CS-R is a very different “beast” when compared to its younger brother the KALMAR CS. The purposeful outside appearance comes from a combination of increased ground clearance and added underbody protection.


We fit significantly larger tires but still a size where the car remains perfectly drivable on normal roads too. We want a car that can perform both on and off-road at a very high level with the air suspension playing a vital role. You always have the right ride-height to any given situation.


The extreme lift in highest mode of ca. 15 cm is achieved via our in-house developed subframe drop coupled to the spaced air suspension units. 


The modified front and rear bumpers also give a very different visual impact too. You WILL get noticed in this car. But the KALMAR CS-R is far from just a good-looking car, it is all about being able to go to places never thought possible with a Porsche. The inside and outside space and flexibility provide the possibility for longer “off the grid” trips and the auxiliary lighting helps to on and off-load in the wilderness whether you are looking for wildlife in Africa or navigating a narrow pass though the Caucasus mountain range.


Just tell us what you need, and we will make it happen...


THE INTERIOR is fully bespoke, with the prime objective being to improve the off-road ability.


That means weight reduction is a key ingredient. With the car’s original interior fully stripped we remove over 400 kg of surplus equipment before we then start to create a car to your exact wishes. Original carpet and sound insulation are removed freeing up space and improving service ability and ease of cleaning.


The ”base” version of the KALMAR CS-R offers a 2-seat configuration with huge space behind to accommodate the gear needed when going far from the beaten track. A 3-seat configuration is available with the rear seat centre-fitted based on experience we gathered from our ‘Longest Drive’ KALMAR CS. Naturally we can keep the rear seats if required so the car can carry up to five. 


The entire weight reduction does not come easy and we have turned every stone in the efforts. Lightweight Lithium battery, removal of most of the in-car-entertainment and lots of plastic parts both inside and outside of the car. 


With the space freed up by our weight-saving program, it becomes possible to integrate specialist navigation and communications units in addition to other essential equipment to support you on long overland drives. 


Additional equipment including refrigerators and drinking water tanks, additional fuel tanks for longer range – plus many more options offered as a result of our extensive experience of adventure driving with these vehicles.


We have created our own seats that save 56 kg and offer additional support and still great comfort.  Beyond that there is still more weight to be saved if you are willing. This includes fitting fixed racing seats for a further 40 kg reduction - just like lightweight windows etc. - the list is long and the choice is yours!


THE HEART Large parts of the original drivetrain - including engine gearbox, and differentials - remain fully original, so the KALMAR CS-R  is fully serviceable from any workshop which can handle the Cayenne, VW Touareg or Audi Q7.


There are several engine options available both petrol and diesel. From the V6 normally aspirated to the 500 hp Turbo version. Just remember weight and weight distribution is highly important also in off-road.


All KALMAR CS-R will come with a fully revised suspension with new arms allowing greater wheel travel - just like we fit custom-built and very strong underbody protection that will take more or less any level of punishment. Our underbody philosophy is to create a full flat floor to avoid edges to get stuck on. 


Your KALMAR CS-R also comes with a ABS/PSM/PTM disable function if you want to go fully analog. 


Whilst you can find higher lift Cayenne versions elsewhere, the KALMAR CS-R has been developed to ensure the car can still provide high ride comfort quality, and high speed on-road performance. This comes from years of suspension development experience that also carefully includes high attention to weight distribution - this all provides a next level driving experience both on and off-road.


THE PROCESS Design, development and production goes hand in hand at KALMAR Automotive – bringing your ideas, and ours, to life can happen quickly with your KALMAR CS-R.


We have developed a car in which you can write your own automotive adventure stories. A team of in-house crafts­man and countless specialist suppliers are all ready to create your car. Each car is built by hand and the “rebirth” takes place in our workshop and at our “own” test tracks, both on and off-road tracks.


If you want to test a KALMAR CS-R before you make up your mind, we invite you to our Basecamp whe­re the cars can be thoroughly tested in off-road conditions – and if you want to take your test dri­ve further – much, MUCH further, then sign in for the Beyond Adventure programs taking place around the world ( Words are not enough – this is a car you need to feel yourself! 


Car configuration at KALMAR Automotive is a conversation, not an online tool. Building a KALMAR car is a truly bespoke process where we involve you in as many aspects as you wish.


It all starts with hearing directly from you about your wishes and desires. Then we look at what is possible (and we have learned that just about anything is possible!).


A  KALMAR CS-R build normally takes from 3-6 months depending on what specifications you aim for. But we are with you all the way with regular updates.


We offer new customers a “reference check” too – before the start of this process, you can contact an existing KALMAR car owner so that they can tell you all about their own experiences with the definition and build processes. 


After 100’s of man hours your car is ready for the first tests, and you are invited to join us as the most important test driver on our crew! 


The base set-up is a very good starting point, but every customer has the option to make individual adjustments, we tune every car to the wishes of its new owner. 


INDIVIDUALIZATION is the key-word in all we do at KALMAR Automotive. 


As we build YOUR KALMAR CS-R we are ready to be challenged by you to create your dream car, and we are ready to think out of the box with you. You define how far you want to go.


This includes both inside and outside of your KALMAR CS-R. We are used to extreme quality from our other models, so if you are looking for a unique leather upholstery or a classic paint/wrap design, we are with you all along... Like with our prototype, we created a rally-style fly-off handbrake as an example of what is possible not only design wise.


Rear Compartment:

Full roll cage

Extra light systems

Bodywork/weight reduction:

Additional storage systems



Lightweight windows

Light weight seats

Removal of comfort equipment

Long range fuel tanks

Snorkel intake system



THE FACTS This is a car that delivers plenty of performance on-road, but numbers for top speed and 0-100 acceleration time are totally irrelevant for the KALMAR CS-R. What counts are the ‘smiles per miles’ and the off-road punch delivered, and here we know the results. 


If the ultimate measurement is adventure then this is an area where the KALMAR CS-R aims to be off the scale! 


The KALMAR CS-R uses the very best Porsche engineering and off-road technology, this combined with the expertise of KAL­MAR Automotive takes you much, much further in ability, but also in appearance and adventure too. 


The KALMAR SC-R won’t blend into the urban background unnoticed, but provides the perfect blend of on-road ability and supreme off-road performance - and most importantly all is done 100% for you. 

From 2200 KG

From 250-600 hp

Never checked

Faster than you dare

You tell us

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0-100 KM/H: