Here you find our carefully selected Dealers who are representing KALMAR Automotive in the designated regions. They have been selected based on their passionate way of working with unique cars and of course their track records. Without them we would not be able to service such a large geographical area.


Each dealer’s workshops have received a technical training so they are fully ready to service the cars, just like designated sales staff will be ready to guide you as a Customer to create the car of your dreams. We work closely with our exclusive dealers to deliver and exceed all customer wises and constantly create up to date products.

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CANEPA & KALMAR Automotive

“It is with humbling respect that we proudly announce our first Dealer. Canepa will exclusively represent KALMAR Automotive in North America for sales and service. We are looking very much forward to the cooperation as the entire Canepa story lies so close to our vision and it turned out to be a perfect match. Bruce knows his stuff and will just like 9X Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen do, give us even more motivation to produce top class products which even exceeds expectations.”


Jan Kalmar, owner and founder KALMAR Automotive.    


The production has started of the first cars for Canepa as “KALMAR 7-97 Canepa Edition”, when they see the light of day, everyone will understand how Bruce pushed the bar even higher as his sense for details and racing pedigree made him the perfect partner.


Looking at Canepa’s other brands and their own production, a better representative does not exist in North America. The vision of delivering Automotive Haute Couture fits perfectly so stay tuned for something truly unique.


The cars will be in the Scotts Valley as soon as they finishes the 1000’s of handcraft hours, so if you are interested in a handmade bespoke car made just for you, contact the team at Canepa and start the journey.

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"To have our cars in the MY GARAGE facilities here in Denmark marks a big step forward for us at KALMAR Automotive. The entire process with selection an exclusive partner for Scandinavia went smooth and efficient which shows a tailormade fit. MY GARAGE is a young vibrant operation with a big heart and lots of passion, and I think it fair to say we feel the same about KALMAR Automotive. At MY GARAGE we have all we could ever ask for, and their vision of collecting all the best partners in and around their facilities means we feel at home there.”

Jan Kalmar, owner and founder of KALMAR Automotive.

There will often be KALMAR Automotive products in the MY GARAGE showroom in Vejle, Denmark. Feel welcome to book a private viewing and explore the handmade universe possible with KALMAR Automotive products, and this not only if are looking for a perfectly handmade backdated Porsche 911, but also if you always wanted a car being able to cross deserts or go intoxicating fast over snow and ice. All is possible with these cars.

Common for all the cars from KALMAR Automotive is they are handmade just for you, contact the team at MY GARAGE and start the journey.

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SICOM & KALMAR Automotive

"We are proud and honoured to announce our next dealer agreement with Sicom Automotive, signed on this, the longest day and sunniest of the year. 


Sicom Automotive group, known for the market leading CARBOBRAKE is now appointed KALMAR Automotive as Dealer for Germany. This signature shows how a technical project can turn into a full commercial partnership with a swift process and a productive drive from idea of cooperation to signed dealer agreement. The passionate technical know-how from Sicom Automotive combined with the perfect location in Klassikstadt Frankfurt could not be a better match for the new- meets-classic-philosophy driving KALMAR Automotive. Welcome on board Sicom Automotive” 


Jan Kalmar Founder KALMAR Automotive

Sicom Automotive’s CARBOBRAKE brand is worldwide recognized for the high-quality brake systems has over 15 years’ experience in the brake world.The CARBOBRAKE brake systems represent the “state of the art” philosophy and not only static but dynamic as they are made to be driven – just like KALMAR products. With all such premises, the dealership of Kalmar came naturally, since we share the same values of Uniqueness, Quality and limitless Performance.

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"With the announcement DPM Motors in Monaco representing the KALMAR Automotive brand in Italy, France and Monaco, it proves that all the hard work the last years are now paying off. With DPM Motors as representatives we could never ask for more as they exactly like KALMAR Automotive represent a perfect mix of Classic and Modern as well as road versus race DNA. Needless to describe DPM Motors’ passion and attention to detail which have created their success in the entire region and also worldwide. I feel that DPM Motors’ unique location makes it possible for even more customers to enjoy our products. When I went to Monaco to show our prototype, the enthusiasm I meet, meant quickly we decided to form this partnership and therefore this announcement does not only make myself proud but the entire team behind KALMAR Automotive are super proud.

Jan Kalmar, owner and founder of KALMAR Automotive

There will regularly be various KALMAR Automotive products in the DPM Motors’ showroom in Monaco. So please contact DPM Motors to explore the handmade universe possible where cars are built just for you, regardless of if you are looking for a road or and off-road car. Common for all the cars from KALMAR Automotive is they are handmade just for you, so let us start the journey.

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