The exterior of the KALMAR SC is very close to original with slightly larger off-road tires and moderately lifted suspension. The cars though are much more durable mainly due to our own specially developed underbody protection.


The main visual differences of the KALMAR SC comes from the roof-rack for spare tires and the underbody protection bars. Additional lighting adds visual appeal and makes off-road night driving a joy.


We chose the 2nd generationPorsche Cayenne as it offers overall performance levels in this class of vehicle that are second to none. We have kept the ‘best in class’ on-road capabilities, and have simply taken the car’s off-road capabilities to entirely different levels! Based on almost 10 years of experience with the Cayenne, we know, better than most, what these cars are capable of. We offer a cost effective conversion of your own Cayenne or we can supply you a donor car that can be converted into a car ready to explore the world.


The lift of up to 10 cm is a combination of bigger tires, spaced subframes, and lifted shock-absorbers. The end result is a super-cool looking car with off-road capabilities to deliver on every ounce of the visual promise - but still a dream to drive on the road.


This is a car that, stands out from every other SUV on the road – and for all the right reasons! And if this is not enough then as always with KALMAR Automotive, we are ready to go further and beyond.


If ordinary grey or black is not enough, you can speak directly to our designer to create a unique livery which will make your KALMAR SC stand out even more. THE EXTERIOR


We want to re-introduce fully tailor-made cars, just as the renowned coach-builders from former times did.


The donor car shall be selected with care as this makes a huge difference, especially inside. Some factory options, including top of the line sport-seats with ventilation which make a huge difference when driving long distances in boiling warm areas.


This is of course only if you choose to keep the interior largely standard as tastefully designed by Porsche. But if you are looking for something bespoke, we are fully equipped to deliver, from advice, visualization, design and build – your car will be 100% as you want it.


The options are limitless – from full luxury with high class leather in your own unique design all the way through to a stripped back race car look where we will be able to shave over 150 KG from the passenger compartment alone. Weight plays a major role in making the car more capable in any off-road environment.


Our team includes all of the specialist engineers and craftsmen you will need to create your dream car – and with over 10 years of experience in building overland Cayennes our advice is built on experience.


The KALMAR SC needs a good donor car and if you don’t have one we can help you to find one.


We believe in the well proven Porsche air-suspension as it gives you the right car in nearly all conditions. You can, from the driver’s seat, control the lift so you have a relatively low centre-of-gravity highway car when needed and a high lift when your view ahead is of sand dunes or rocky terrain. There are not many factory overland off-road upgrades available for the Cayenne so we have developed a range all of our own in-house at KALMAR Automotive.


We prefer to use very low mileage donor cars with the right equipment, but if you want your own Cayenne converted we will happily convert a higher mileage car too. All cars are checked thoroughly before we start any conversion.


Suspension is “our thing”, and we have invested a lot, in time, staff and resources to get exactly what we want. We have managed, via the air-suspension, to find a great set-up with a perfect mix of comfort and performance. We lift the car up to 10cm over the original height, giving a ground clearance of over 25cm.


It was important throughout the entire development to keep the original car’s comfort and straight line performance but at the same time to make sure the car’s off-road capabilities were greatly improved.


We leave the highly developed and completely proven mechanical drivetrain fully original beside the ride height so you won’t face any added reliability issues, with all of our available options ‘field-tested’ in the most extreme way via our world record drives. THE HEART


Design, development and production goes hand in hand at KALMAR Automotive – Bringing your ideas, and ours, to life can happen quickly with your KALMAR CS. We have developed a car to help you to write your own adventure stories. A team of in-house craftsmen and countless specialist suppliers are all ready to create your car. Each car is built by hand and the “rebirth” takes place in our workshop and at our own test tracks.


If you want to test a KALMAR SC before you make up your mind, we invite you to our workshop Basecamp where the cars can be thoroughly tested in off-road conditions – and if you want to take your test-drive further – much, MUCH further, then sign in for the Beyond Adventures program taking place around the world Words are not enough – this is a car you need to drive!


Car configuration at KALMAR Automotive is a conversation, not just an online tool. Building a KALMAR car is a truly bespoke process where we involve you in as many aspects as you wish. It all starts with hearing directly from you about your wishes and desires. Then we look at what is possible -and we have learned that just about anything is possible!


A build normally takes from 3-6 months depending on what specifications you aim for. But we are with you all the way with regular updates. We offer new customers a “reference check” too – before the start of this process, you can contact an existing KALMAR car owner so that they can tell you all about their own experiences with the definition and build processes.


After 100s of man hours your car is ready for the first tests, and you are invited to join us as the most important test driver on our crew! The base set-up is a very good starting point, but every customer has the option to make individual adjustments, we tune every car to the wishes of its new owner. After you receive your car we hope you will join our sister company ”Beyond Adventure’s” programs around the world.


is the key to all we do at KALMAR Automotive. We build YOUR KALMAR CS and we are ready to be challenged by you to create your dream car.


The entire team is ready to think out of the box together with you. The Porsche Cayenne is such a good starting point due it its unique combination of both on and off road capabilities which means we only enhance all the details to reach perfection.


It is up to you how far you want to go with the conversion, no wishes will be ignored as we like the challenge and always want to deliver. This applies both for the build of your car and of course the adventures you choose when it is completed.


Here are some of the key optional extras we offer, but in reality the list is limitless:




•  Additional storage systems

•  Refrigerator

•  Full roll cage

•  Extra light systems

Bodywork/weight reduction:

Drive train:

•  Lightweight windows

•  Light weight seats

•  Removal of comfort equipment.

•  Long range fuel tanks

•  Snorkel intake system • Winch


We use the 2nd generation Cayenne Diesel as a donor car to give long range, huge low-end torque and options for small rims and huge tires. This is a car that delivers plenty of performance on-road, but the ultimate top speed and 0-100 km/h acceleration time are secondary to the ‘smiles per miles’ delivered by the KALMAR CS.


If the ultimate measurement is ”adventure” then this is an area where the KALMAR CS aims to be off the scale. Whether crossing deserts, racing on the Atlantic beaches in Senegal, flying over big jumps in Russia or crossing the Simpson Desert in Australia all has been done without missing a beat. Our results speak for themselves, and even the Porsche Factory asked us to prepare their cars for the Porsche World Expedition.


The KALMAR SC has already been in action with the Beyond Adventure customer trips around the world and the KALMAR SC amazing all that drove them with their capabilities.


All in all the KALMAR CS makes every other ‘urban warrior’ SUV look “so last year”.


With the KALMAR CS, you will get a car that will deliver off road performance that will keep impressing you. This is a car that will keep adding chapters to the story book of your adventures.


WEIGHT: From 1990 KG

POWER: From 245 HP

0-100 KM/H: Not important


FUN FACTOR: More than you dare