KALMAR Automotive - is a unique automotive company with a great Danish heritage bringing together decades of experience in the automotive and motorsport industries, paired with classic design and cutting-edge engineering to offer truly unique products to very discerning customers. We dare to call ourselves modern coachbuilders. The team behind KALMAR Automotive employs huge automotive and racing experience to ensure the quality that is at the heart of all KALMAR Automotive products.


"What is your vision of automotive perfection...?"

Whether your idea of perfection is a timeless modern classic that will thrill you every day, or a unique off-road machine that will take you to the extremes of the earth in style and comfort, this is what KALMAR Automotive supplies. Perfection is a very personal thing - it is never the same as someone else’s vision of what is wholly right. Automotive perfection for some can be defined as your very own unique interpretation of a dream car, with some very personal and contemporary touches.


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For the lucky few, driving perfection does become reality through individual engineering and passionate persistence from the entire team – we know that in order to pass, you can’t always follow in the footsteps of others.


We build your dream car and our objective is your view on perfection. Prepare to desire one!

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